A Defenders Cheat Sheet MITRE ATT&CK in Kubernetes

A Defenders Cheat Sheet MITRE ATT&CK in Kubernetes

Regardless of your industry, you have likely turned to Kubernetes. It’s becoming the de facto standard for scaling, deploying, and managing containerized applications. But the more clouds and containers you use, the larger your threat landscape, and your analysts need easy-to-use tools to aid in their investigations when incidents occur.

So, do you know how to align Kubernetes to the MITRE ATT&CK tactics?

If you want to map Kubernetes features and capabilities to common attacks to prevent them in the future, we’ve got you covered with this mind map that deep dives into:

  • Which API calls are associated with different attack tactics in Kubernetes environments
  • How attackers gain initial access to your company's crown jewels
  • Not only how attackers execute an attack, but why, so you can stay a step ahead.

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