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Malware, Crimeware and Phishing - In Depth Look at Threats, Defenses

Malware, Crimeware and Phishing - In Depth Look at Threats, Defenses
In this webinar, you will be privy to the following topics of discussion:

  • Describe malware, crimeware intrusions and how they relate to phishing;
  • Overview of current attacks and help to anticipate likely trends;
  • Describe different ways clients are attacked, understanding of proactive defenses;
  • Describe traditional and current malware, and different types of phishing;
  • The human factor as increasing factor in phishing solutions.


The evolution of malware and crimeware has produced more insidious and harmful intrusions to networks and systems. This webinar will show how these types of intrusions relate to phishing and will help put current attacks into perspective and help organizations anticipate likely trends.

The webinar will also describe the different ways by which clients may be attacked, and their machines may become infected. While many of these threats aren't yet seen in the wild, a thorough understanding of the threats allows for proactive defenses to be deployed against them when they do occur.

The presentation will cover traditional and current malware, the relevance of configuration vulnerabilities, the relevance of deceit, social malware and social phishing, how deceit works in phishing and why mutual authentication techniques such as SiteKey may not be as secure as they may seem.

It will continue and cover spear phishing, and the presentation will give examples of the different types of spear phishing methods.

A very important aspect of this problem is the human factor as an increasing number of vulnerabilities arise due to deceit, configuration errors and neglect. While many security solutions and user interfaces may appear to be equally secure -- in a pure technical sense -- the human factor creates large security differences between approaches. The presentation will explain why, and describe what to do and not to do, both in terms of technical and design aspects, and in terms of consumer education.

Attendees will learn what organizations should do, and what are the best proactive approaches to crimeware and phishing. The different kinds of services that are available to react to attacks will be covered. Attendees will learn how to evaluate their organization's vulnerabilities to existing attacks and potential future threats, and equally will also learn what should not be done.

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