Overcoming the Apprehension of Cloud Computing

Overcoming the Apprehension of Cloud Computing

What are organizations' top cloud security concerns, and how are security leaders addressing these concerns through policy, technology and improved vendor management?

These are key questions posed by the 2012 Cloud Computing Security Survey, which was crafted with assistance from leading experts in cloud computing, security and privacy, with a mission to:

  • Chart the latest cloud trends, including types of cloud implementations most common by industry and region;
  • Gauge organizations' top cloud security concerns, from vendor security to data governance and breach preparedness;
  • Predict the top areas of investment for organizations most concerned about cloud security.

We asked survey respondents about their:

Top Security Concerns: Were they more anxious about where their data are stored or whether a malicious insider might be a threat to it?

Success Factors: On a scale with cost savings and availability of services, how did security rank among elements critical to a successful cloud computing implementation?

Protective Measures: What were some of the practices organizations employed, from instituting more stringent contracts to enforcing third-party audits and participating in mock security exercises with cloud service providers?

Ultimate Responsibility for Cloud Security: Lots of parties have roles in cloud computing: The IT and IT security organizations, business information owners and cloud providers. Who should be in charge to assure security?

For further analysis of the survey results, please attend our webinar, Overcoming the Apprehension of Cloud Computing: Results from the 2012 Cloud Computing Security Survey.

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